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How to Break the Coin Master Piggy Bank

coin master·April 6, 2024

Coin Master Piggy Bank offers great value for spinning the wheel. Here's everything you need to know about piggy banks and how they work.

Are you curious about breaking open the Coin Master Piggy Bank to claim your free spins? In Coin Master, spinning is the key to winning, as each spin offers opportunities to earn coins, cards, pets, and additional spins, all of which are vital for advancing in the game. Previously, you could only hold a maximum of 50 spins, risking the loss of any surplus.

However, with the introduction of the Piggy Bank feature, you can now store more spins. While the maximum limit remains at 50, spinning can add spins to your Piggy Bank for future use. This guide will walk you through what the Coin Master Piggy Bank is, how it functions, and how you can break it open to access all the accumulated free spins. For even more rewards, be sure to explore our list of Coin Master free spins links.

What is the piggy bank in Coin Master?

In 2021, Coin Master introduced the Piggy Bank feature, expanding your capacity to store spins—but there's a twist.

In Coin Master, the maximum spin limit is set at 50 spins; any spins exceeding this threshold are automatically removed. However, with the Piggy Bank, each spin presents an opportunity to accumulate free spins within it. Once your Piggy Bank reaches 1,200 free spins, it's considered "full" and can't accommodate any more spins.

It's important to note that spins stored in the Piggy Bank cannot be used at your discretion like regular free spins. Instead, they remain locked until you "break" the Piggy Bank.

How to break the Coin Master piggy bank?

Once your Piggy Bank is full, breaking it open to claim the spins inside is a simple process. When your bank reaches its maximum capacity, a pop-up will appear offering you the option to spend real money to break it open. Upon confirmation, the Piggy Bank will break, and you'll receive 1,200 spins added to your account.

There isn't much strategy involved with the Coin Master Piggy Bank. For optimal efficiency, it's best to break it open as soon as it becomes full. Additionally, refrain from spinning the wheel when your bank is already full, as any bank spins will be wasted since your bank is at capacity.

Now that you understand what the Coin Master Piggy Bank entails and how it operates, make use of it to maximize your gameplay. While it does involve spending real money, the Piggy Bank offers the most value for your wheel spins.

What is the piggy bank in Coin Master?

The Piggy Bank is a feature in Coin Master designed to store additional spins beyond the game's maximum limit of 50 spins. Any spins earned after reaching this limit are automatically deposited into your Piggy Bank. The Piggy Bank has a capacity of up to 1,200 spins.

How to use piggy bank in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, you can only utilize the Piggy Bank feature once it reaches its maximum capacity of 1,200 spins. Once it's full, you have the option to break it open, which requires spending real money.

How much interest can I earn from Coin Master’s piggy bank?

In Coin Master, there is no interest accrued from the Piggy Bank.

How soon can I receive interest from my piggy bank in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, there is no interest generated from the Piggy Bank. You can only break open your Piggy Bank once it is full, containing 1,200 spins.

Can I use coins saved in the piggy bank to conduct raids or attacks in Coin Master?

The Piggy Bank in Coin Master doesn't hold coins; it accumulates spins instead.

Can I withdraw coins from Coin Master's piggy bank?

In Coin Master, you cannot withdraw coins from your Piggy Bank. It exclusively stores spins. To access these spins, you must break open the Piggy Bank once it reaches its capacity of 1,200 spins. However, this action requires real money.